NoorDx’s next generation Whole Exome Sequencing test

Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) is a single genetic test performed in our lab that identifies changes in exons – the protein-coding regions of patient’s DNA collectively known as the exome. By examining the exons of thousands of genes simultaneously, changes related to medical conditions can be quickly identified, leading to rapid and reliable diagnoses.


Understanding a patient’s medical condition through whole exome sequencing can be life changing. This technique can also lead to rapid diagnosis of rare genetic conditions that otherwise could take years. It can uncover the cause of disease and light the path to precision medicine options.


While DNA changes that may cause a genetic disorder are found in the exome, whole exome sequencing testing technology cannot see all genetic changes contributing to genetic conditions, so additional lab tests may be recommended.

We recommend a Whole Exome Sequencing test when:


  • Symptoms are complex or unspecific and a broad range phenotypic features is exhibited
  • Other testing options have not led to conclusive diagnosis
  • Symptoms or family history suggest a genetic cause of the disease
  • Standard (4-6 weeks)
  • Urgent (10 working days)

At NoorDx we are there for you every step of the way. We are always on hand to guide you throughout your genetics journey, from helping you choose the most appropriate test, to understanding the results, and directing you to the most effective precision treatment options. As the leading and most trusted genetics testing lab in the MENA region, we partner with you to find breakthrough solutions quickly and effectively.


Our expert team of technicians and scientists understand both Arabic and English, removing any barriers that may block the path to better health and improved quality of life.


At NoorDx, we are working to advance disease and gene research and help you find solutions. We are committed to innovating and using our data for scientific discovery that will enable a better quality of life for all in the Kingdom and the MENA region.

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