Designing and synthesis (through a third party) of oligonucleotides, standard or labelled suitable for many applications including PCR, qPCR, sequencing, RT-PCR, etc.
At NoorDx we offer the facility to perform PCR for several application including Sanger sequencing and DNA cloning on reliable thermal cyclers and under the supervision of experienced technical team
Sanger sequencing or capillary electrophoresis sequencing is an essential requirement for many working in the field of molecular biology. We offer this service to researchers starting from designing the primers for any particular target to data analysis and interpretation

Fragment analysis using fluorescently labelled oligos is offered by NoorDx for several applications, e.g. STR analysis, linkage analysis, maternal DNA contamination, etc.

Targeted methylation analysis using methylation sensitive PCR or the semiquantitative MethyLight assay is available at NoorDx customized to the researcher’s needs

Targeted gene expression analysis using quantitative PCR is a valuable tool for interrogating the rule(s) genes of interests play in a biological context. This service is fully customizable to meet the researcher’s needs.

Using qPCR to perform gene expression analysis using TaqMan® or SybrGreen as well as TaqMan® genotyping are customizable services available at NoorDx

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