NoorDx is Saudi Arabia’s first and most trusted genetic testing and genome-based solutions provider. 


We are precision medicine pioneers who understand the specific challenges around genetic disorders. Leveraging globally renowned expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, we empower clinicians and patients to make more effective and personalized healthcare decisions by providing rapid genetic test results and solutions.

NoorDx was created for Saudis by Saudis. Based in the Kingdom and serving the entire MENA region, we are a key part of the growing biomedical and precision medicine ecosystem. Our expertise and specialized gene and genome data can help find solutions to some of the region’s foremost medical and environmental genetics challenges – from cancer research and birth defects to helping advance aqua and agricultural R and D.

We know the power that genetic testing holds. Far beyond offering a quick, cost-effective and reliable local testing service, NoorDx’s advanced genetics testing lab and services can lead to new discoveries that can improve and save lives. As Saudi scientists and technicians, we’re committed to this purpose because your family is our family.

NoorDx harnesses the power of knowledge, data, technology and innovation to create solutions which are designed to diagnose, guide treatment and enhance the practice of precision medicine in Saudi Arabia and the wider MENA region.


Our approach is built on long-term partnerships and our commitment to find solutions. We go above and beyond to make the genetic testing process as simple and efficient as possible for you. We personally consult with you beforehand to recommend the best possible tests, check the samples to make sure the right information has been gathered prior to processing and ensure that you understand the results so that a treatment plan can be quickly implemented.


We pride ourselves on being your trusted advisor when it comes to genetic testing and finding solutions quickly. We are more than lab technicians. We are solutioneers.

The NoorDx team is comprised of the best Saudi technicians, scientists and clinicians in the Kingdom. Our team is considered experts in their field and have worked in the top hospitals and labs in the world. Accessibility to our expert team is our priority and part of our commitment to serve you.


We understand the importance of utilizing our globally recognized knowledge and expertise for the benefit of Saudi Arabia and the MENA region. Every year, more than 60,000 Saudi tests are sent abroad, and it is our mission to bring genetic testing back to the Kingdom, providing the critical turnaround time and health data security that every patient requires and deserves.


As a local company, NoorDx has a unique understanding of the most pressing genetic disorders and the need for expert precision medicine in Saudi Arabia. We have a vested interest in helping advance disease and environmental research to improve the lives of people here and across the region. NoorDx is committed to the future of the Kingdom, providing genetic testing and innovative research focused on finding solutions to local challenges.


Meanwhile, by being based in the Research Park and Innovation Cluster at KAUST, NoorDx operates in the heart of the Kingdom’s scientific nerve center, and it is our ambition to be a hub for innovation and capacity building for the development and application of precision medicine.  

Why choose NoorDx?


Delivering results in days


Pioneering solutions in genomics testing to save lives


Providing the highest levels of patient privacy and advanced data security


Granting access to a team of expert genetics within our state-of-the-art lab