At NoorDx, we offer world-class genetic testing, and we partner with you throughout your diagnostic journey. Our counselors are on hand at every step, helping you understand the process and your results and guiding you to the best treatment options.

Our team of genetic counselors is there to help you make decisions about your genetic health. We will be your guide when it comes to understanding how your genes affect you and your family’s health.


Our specialist genetic counselors work with you (our patients) and healthcare providers to answer all your questions about genetic testing and to support treatment option discussions in either Arabic or English. We will guide you throughout your genetics testing journey, helping you choose the most appropriate test, understanding the results, and directing you to the most effective precision treatment options.


NoorDx genetics counselors have specialist training and knowledge of the genetics of individuals in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region. With this unparalleled expertise, NoorDx is the leading and most trusted genetics testing lab in the region.

  • When you or your family members have symptoms that you think might be due to a genetic condition.
  • When there is a history of hereditary diseases.
  • When you are concerned that you might have a genetic profile that increases the risk for development of a disease such as cancer.
  • When you are concerned about passing on the genetic disease to your children.

During genetic counseling, your NoorDx genetics specialist will review your family history, explain genetic testing options along with benefits and limitations of testing, discuss your test results, and help you understand whether additional family members should be tested.


As an expert in the field, with specialist knowledge of hereditary conditions associated with the MENA region, your NoorDx genetic counselor will also be able to guide you towards the best precision medicine options to manage and treat your condition.

Why choose NoorDx?


Delivering results in days


Pioneering solutions in genomics testing to save lives


Providing the highest levels of patient privacy and advanced data security


Granting access to a team of expert genetics within our state-of-the-art lab